About - Hungry Human

The Brand

I mean to fill this page up with lots of cool stuff including how I started HH...it's a very intricate personal story and I haven't shared it with many, but the short non-Lord of The Rings DVD box-set version is that I wanted to start a brand for people that want more in life and have the drive to get to their own personal goals.

Hungry Human isn't just about me, it's about you guys too! And that's what I love about it!It's all of us pursuing our dreams together and having fun and 'Nods' along the way on that journey to our goal,whatever that may be!HH isn't just the good,but the bad and everything in-between, it's the story of your life and you're living the brand as you're reading this! That's kind of cool if you think about it! 

The Gear

Hungry Human is about struggling to be more than mediocre, we give our all to everything we do(why would we do anything else?).That being said:We don't make cheap stuff.We use the highest quality tees,artists,and printing techniques to bring you top of the line, limited-edition,inspired prints that you won't find anywhere else.In other words: IT'S REALLY GOOD STUFF.And it's all made here in the USA!

Everything you buy has a story and was made with passion in hopes of not only giving you something great to wear,but to inspire you as well.If it doesn't speak to me, then it will NEVER be sold here.HH is not about quick bucks and hot garbage,this is someone dedicating their life to giving you the best in hopes of getting the best out of you! 


I'm just a dude that really likes to make cool stuff. I draw influence from everywhere and I love to make people smile with my quirky sense of humor.Interest wise,I have a special place in my heart for food,music,hot girls,cute stuff,and games (especially Street Fighter <3 ).

I'm really into a lot of random stuff too and that can give me some really crazy ideas. When my brain decides to pay special attention to something or it has a real meaning to me, I give that what you'd call a 'Nod'. you might see me say that a lot .If you start to say it when that happens to you,you'll probably start to see what I see.There are 'Nods' everywhere! It's funner to do it than explain it,kind of like pogs on a trampoline (long story),so start Nodding!

I can't really make things that don't speak to me, so you'll find that every concept or piece that I put out has roughly 6-8 months of thought and hard work that goes into it.My number one rule is that if it doesn't give me goosebumps on my back then it will never make it to yours.

I love to talk about HH and hear about your guys journies/stories and hear from other 'Hungries' as I call 'em.It really inspires me to connect with all of you.So feel free to contact me if you ever want to know more!

I'm also on Twitter (@hungryhuman) ,anymore than that and I'm rambling, but thanks for checking about the brand and hit me up sometime! -h_h-

How It All Happened

Hungry Human came about from a near death experience.You know how people say they 'saw the light' as they were dying? I didn't see that.What I saw was all the things I was capable of doing if I lived and all that I had not done for myself and those around me.

The next day, I left my home at the time in the Bay Area and proceeded to learn everything I could about design,production,and creating a brand.

One of the first choices I had to make during this period was whether to fix a hand that was broken around the same time or to invest in the brand. The choice is probably apparent, I took the brand. So, one of our logos is rather personal as it represents the sacrifices you make to feed yourself or possibly someone else. Sacrifice in pursuit of the end goal, that's a part of our make-up. 

As noted earlier, I take a lot of reference from fighting games in what we do. That comes from growing up playing them and realizing that I had a chance to provide my community with things they might not ever have under other circumstances.So, I took my image of the brand and merged it with my wishes and thoughts during 'the moment' and made something tangible out hopes to improve and change the face of that community as well.

The first three years were tough, we actually dedicated them almost solely to the people considered most in need.I have a greater vision for the brand, but the people and places we chose to grow it in are a tribute to the undying love I have for the people that've influenced me and subsequently the brand most.

Some of you we met at events, some of you we met while getting kicked out of events, some in cabs,some on the streets, some at taco trucks or coney vendors after experiencing all of these instances in a day, the list goes on.

It doesn't matter where we met you, you are one of us now.Hungry Human isn't me, it's the fans,the supporters,people that don't even know about us yet and places that maybe only exist or live on in your heart and mind.

I don't know what Hungry Human is to you, but I hope it's something.The goal isn't world domination as much as world inspiration and the means we use to get our message across vary: stickers,shoutouts,designs,incriminating food pictures, when and how you spread the word is up to you, but now you have a template.Run with it.

Speaking of running, we always try to go beyond expectation.Competition is the basis of the brand,as is struggle, so you get to see us and whoever is rocking with us at the time look a little crazy, but it's usually all in good fun and makes for some interesting stories along the way.

My goal is to take everything the world gave me and give it back to you so that you can do the same for both the brand and those around you.It's a neverending feedback loop of wanting more inspired by wanting more.Sounds like capitalism or an all you can eat buffet, but it works.

I'm a bit brash at times, but even then, the hope is that you see through that and human frailties or shortcomings, to what's important: the message.

We spout lots of truth,fun,and as you're aware now writing to get it all across. We look forward to building up and taking things to the next level.Together.  -h_h-