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Sometimes I Feel Things

Feb 25, 2017

A common question we receive that always surprises me along the lines of, "I enjoyed [blank] , why don't you do that more?".At the top of said list is blog posts.

The first HH website before I ever knew we'd make clothes was really just a bunch of inspirational musings with photos I found and re-interpreted to make more sense for someone looking for motivation.

With that said,despite the change in medium,a lot of that core DNA (20 million dollar buzzword there) has persisted.

We've reached a point where I can be candid with you: the things I think are often painful,blunt,and read like a mashup of both mania and lingering depression after 28 Redbulls and 13 bags of SourPatchKids (the large ones).I think them to be distracting,confusing,and somewhat ethereal.Once they become words,they lose a bit of their magic.

Thoughts are organic living things,and to make them static seems counter-productive to someone that wants to inspire growth.It's hard to be in a process of continual motion or movement,while also being "stuck"...but in some ways, without an anchor or map of any kind,one becomes stuck in a different way--a self-created limbo of just "not knowing" --you then stand for nothing.

If you got through the above rant, I thank you.Really.

Some days I just want to make t-shirts.But it's not just t-shirts.I believe there's something more interesting that deserves to be known to the world,and all that we do is invested in the idea of giving you that.Even if it's uncomfortable,contradictory,or incomplete at the time,I will give all that I have to share that with you.Otherwise,we're lost. 

Thank you for being a fan.You are loved and appreciated. -h_h-