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Bad People Good Times (Playlist)

Nov 10, 2015

I didn't talk much about the Bad People Good Times design before releasing it.It came out during a rough time and it's meant to make fun of the things that keep you down.A liar,a backstabber,and guy that likes to blow smoke around come together to make the best times happen for anyone that's willing to put up with them.

Inspiration came from not only personal dealings,but hearing all the "effed up" stories people have about craziness going down,with a plot twist that made the whole thing super memorable. A small sidenote about the design is there's a picture I always reference when I want to see what a good time looks like.It's miscellaneous people I don't know that are family friends of people long gone.A happy accident that occurred is when thinking about the piece and trying to channel the vibe into something fun and wearable,the final image had a similar feel to the photo without having shared that image with anyone else.Super weird, but it makes the shirt that much more meaningful to wear.

I decided to share some of the music that went into the design too.The shirt's made to be worn during really fun and crazy times with the hopes that you too have an awesome story to tell at the end.Your story may not start off that great,but hopefully it ends up being so awesome that you wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

If you preordered,we threw in some goodies to get the party started and even if you didn't,we'll still give you a little love for the long haul. Enjoy the experience and the easy. -h_h-


Same outfits,same orientation...complete coincidence/"eerie "...


Try Hard,Never Settle,Stay Hungry. -h_h-