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New Website,New Blog

Apr 11, 2012

Hey guys, hope you guys like the new website.I'm doing a bit of backend tweaks, but this is the best destination to keep up with all things HH outside of the mailing list.The previous blog still exists ( , but we won't be posting there unless there's something really crazy aloof and/or the Green Ranger loses his powers again (it can happen)!

Cool? Cool.

"Stay away from candles dude......" -Lao Tzu


Thanks for being fans as always and talk soon! 

Try Hard,Never Settle,Stay Hungry.  -h_h- 


P.S. The dimensions might be off for a bit and such,I'm learning to code in my spare time and made this blog as a test.So you'll see little improvements here and there as we go.DIY or die,haha, kind of.Stay Hungry!