Better Together (Playlist) - Hungry Human


Better Together (Playlist)

May 12, 2015

As you guys know, we've recently released a set called Better Together,based on the ideal of two strong characters (a chicken and a waffle) that work together towards their goals. 

The initial designs for the characters were spawned from personal hardships including,family,business dealings,life choices,in addition to the power of love and friendship.

This was two years in the making and took quite a bit of thought to make Wawful H. Batter and Drum H. Sticks be able to realize their full potential in the Hungry Human universe.

With that said, the collection was designed with the intent to inspire the same love,friendship,and comradery for the fans of what we do.

I've set aside a small playlist including some of the music that inspired the creation of the characters.

The hope is that when you listen to it, you're able to sense the heart that these two have : their highs,their lows...the hurdles they'll have to face to change their world and also some of the fun they are bound to have within each moment.

The basis of what we're chasing is change and adventure,take that and make it a part of your own world.And if something gets in your way,know that we've got your back.Keep going.

Find someone you love to have next to you(friend or "other"), go outside and listen.Enjoy.

P.S. The playlist can be played for friendship (think roadtrips on the first day of Spring/Summer) or backwards for love (no explanation needed).To make the experience unique,try both! 


"I said I've been looking for you, but I haven't found ya...".  


Try Hard,Never Settle,Stay Hungry. -h_h-