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Sometimes I Feel Things

Feb 25, 2017

A common question we receive that always surprises me along the lines of, "I enjoyed [blank] , why don't you do that more?".At the top of said list is blog posts.

The first HH website before I ever knew we'd make clothes was really just a bunch of inspirational musings with photos I found and re-interpreted to make more sense for someone looking for motivation.

With that said,despite the change in medium,a lot of that core DNA (20 million dollar buzzword there) has persisted.

We've reached a point where I can be candid with you: the things I think are often painful,blunt,and read like a mashup of both mania and lingering depression after 28 Redbulls and 13 bags of SourPatchKids (the large ones).I think them to be distracting,confusing,and somewhat ethereal.Once they become words,they lose a bit of their magic.

Thoughts are organic living things,and to make them static seems counter-productive to someone that wants to inspire growth.It's hard to be in a process of continual motion or movement,while also being "stuck"...but in some ways, without an anchor or map of any kind,one becomes stuck in a different way--a self-created limbo of just "not knowing" --you then stand for nothing.

If you got through the above rant, I thank you.Really.

Some days I just want to make t-shirts.But it's not just t-shirts.I believe there's something more interesting that deserves to be known to the world,and all that we do is invested in the idea of giving you that.Even if it's uncomfortable,contradictory,or incomplete at the time,I will give all that I have to share that with you.Otherwise,we're lost. 

Thank you for being a fan.You are loved and appreciated. -h_h- 



Double Or Nothing (Playlist)

Jun 17, 2016

Hey dudes!

Long time no talk!

We've been doing some prep work and after a whirlwind of "remembering sh*t", it's all starting to come together!

One of the designs I'm happiest about this run is called 'Double Or Nothing'.The design tells the story of a rabbit named Chance who's down on his luck and needs to come back.

Most of our characters take reference from human frailties and the nature of people along with experiences in life and pop culture,but the thing that stands out most about Chance is he has more references and Nods than any other character we've made.

The thought process behind the work is that you can come back from anything if you put your mind to it, but you have to try.No excuses,forget the past,just go as fast as you possibly can and run towards your goal(s).

I've had a private playlist for this character floating around for almost 3 years.The list evolved and morphed a ton since first being made,but the theme of perseverance and executing under pressure is still there.

A lot of people think the double or nothing reference comes from fighting games,sports or gambling,but the truth is it originates from the movie Rocky and a theme song I often listen to in dire times.

I've had an obsession with montage music and the speech Rocky gave to his son in Rocky Balboa for some time and the song just resonated so well with that mindset despite being earlier in the franchise. 

The name Chance comes from a phrase on my wall I used to scrawl out on planes (long story) , "You have the Chance to Change A World ---Influence and Move People's Hearts"...right next to that is another piece of paper that says "You Can Always Come Back"...something I tell myself when I'm at my lowest points (yes,in an All Dogs Go To Heaven Voice).

It seemed ideal to make a character with the power to change everything,but not have the power to unless he changes himself. 

People often want to change,they want the words that come from their mind and into the world once uttered to be real, but they don't commit to the proper set of actions to make those wishes a reality. 

I could talk about this character for a good while I imagine,but I think it's good to leave some things to the imagination and give you guys something to look forward to at a later time. 

At any rate, this is Chance's playlist.It's meant to inspire and motivate and give you words you can hear even from your lowest place.

I took a bit of extra care to make sure the songs are arranged in intervals that would make sense for high intensity running should you feel so inclined, with fast progressions followed by slower ensembles,similar to the feeling one gets during runner's high. 

Chance's story is not complete,but I have hope for him,I believe he has what it takes to accomplish what he needs to in the time do you.Be we will see,won't we?


"You have a Chance...Good Luck."




Jan 07, 2016

There's a ton of memes going around playing Macintosh Plus and the most common question I always see at the bottom of every one of them is " What Song Is This?".Welp , here you go.Full Album. 




Dec 31, 2015

Been getting more letters than usual with "how are you?" in em... been good.Just grinding.I owe you guys some stories.Really good stories.Have a good last of your 2015 and a great 2016.

New Yeezy has mad Street Fighter samples in it, so I figure you guys will get a kick outta that.Be easy. -h_h- 

Bad People Good Times (Playlist)

Nov 10, 2015

I didn't talk much about the Bad People Good Times design before releasing it.It came out during a rough time and it's meant to make fun of the things that keep you down.A liar,a backstabber,and guy that likes to blow smoke around come together to make the best times happen for anyone that's willing to put up with them.

Inspiration came from not only personal dealings,but hearing all the "effed up" stories people have about craziness going down,with a plot twist that made the whole thing super memorable. A small sidenote about the design is there's a picture I always reference when I want to see what a good time looks like.It's miscellaneous people I don't know that are family friends of people long gone.A happy accident that occurred is when thinking about the piece and trying to channel the vibe into something fun and wearable,the final image had a similar feel to the photo without having shared that image with anyone else.Super weird, but it makes the shirt that much more meaningful to wear.

I decided to share some of the music that went into the design too.The shirt's made to be worn during really fun and crazy times with the hopes that you too have an awesome story to tell at the end.Your story may not start off that great,but hopefully it ends up being so awesome that you wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

If you preordered,we threw in some goodies to get the party started and even if you didn't,we'll still give you a little love for the long haul. Enjoy the experience and the easy. -h_h-


Same outfits,same orientation...complete coincidence/"eerie "...


Try Hard,Never Settle,Stay Hungry. -h_h-